Step 1 Print and complete our Application Form


This form confirms your business details and gives us the authority to reclaim on your behalf. Copies of this form can be downloaded from our website by clicking here. Alternatively, we can send you a copy by email or by fax.



Step 2 Assemble your Original Invoices on which VAT has been charged



Step 3 Obtain a Certificate of Status


All claims for VAT refund must be supported by a Certificate of Status which simply states that you or your company are registered for tax in your country. This Certificate is issued by your Tax Authority or Business Registration Authority and in some Middle East countries, by your local Chamber of Commerce. If you are uncertain which authority, contact us and we will advise you further.


Please note: Certificates are valid for 12 months from date of issue and once your claim is processed, this Certificate is held on record by the Tax Authorities. Any subsequent claims you wish to make within this period will not require another Certificate.

Click here to view specimen certificates



Step 4 Post your claim (Application Form, Invoices and Certificate of Status) to:


The Support Team
Morgan Bentley VAT Reclaim

36 Bayswater

N. Ireland UK

BT47 6JL

Upon receipt, we analyse, process and deliver by hand to the Tax Authorities. We provide full details of your claim and estimated time when claim will be paid.



Step 5 Payment of your VAT Refund


After the claim is submitted, the Tax Authorities will take approximately six months to process your claim. As payment for our services, we simply retain an agreed percentage of the VAT recovered on your behalf once the refund is processed by the Tax Authorities. This fee is agreed with you before the claim is processed. Once repayment is issued to us by the Tax Authorities, we issue your refund within ten working days. Our repayment team will contact you to discuss how you would like to receive your payment.

Please note:

ALL documents relating to tax reclaim MUST be in ORIGINAL FORM. Photocopies, faxed copies or Pro Forma invoices will NOT be accepted by EU Tax Authorities.