What is VAT?  |  Can I Claim a VAT refund?  |  What Goods & Services are eligible?  |  How do I reclaim VAT?

Are there deadlines for making a claim?
 |  What is a Certificate of Status?

When and how will I be paid?
 | What will it cost?


What is VAT? (Value Added Tax)


VAT is a complex sales tax imposed on most goods and services throughout the European Union (EU) and is charged at various rates from 0% to 25%. Morgan Bentley VAT Reclaim specializes in UK VAT Refunds as the UK is the most generous of all EU States with regard to the wide range of goods and services eligible for VAT refund.




Can I Claim a VAT refund?


YES. Overseas business visitors to the EU are entitled to reclaim VAT on all eligible business expenses provided that neither you nor your company are registered for VAT in the EU and are not liable to be registered.




What Goods & Services are eligible?


Eligible Goods & Services in the UK include:

• Hotel & Accommodation Costs

• Exhibition & Conference Expenses

• Meals
• Training Course Costs

• Telephone Charges

• Professional Fees

• Vehicle Rental and Fuel

• Certain Marketing Expenses

• Aircraft Charter




How do I reclaim VAT?


Morgan Bentley VAT Reclaim takes care of the complex reclaim process so all you have to do is follow the 3 simple steps below and we will do the rest.

• Complete our Application Form

• Assemble your original invoices on which UK VAT has been charged

• Post your application form and invoices along with a Certificate of Status to our head office address.


USA claimants only. The official IRS website gives detailed information on how to obtain a Certificate of Status from the IRS in Philadelphia click here




Is there a deadline for making a claim?


There are separate submission deadlines for EU and non-EU based companies:

• Companies outside the European Union must submit refund applications by 31st December for the annual claim period which runs from 1st July in the previous year to 30th June of the current year. For example: Invoices from 1st July 2014 to 30th June 2015 must be submitted by 31st December 2015.




What is a Certificate of Status?


All claims for VAT refund must be supported by a Certificate of Status which simply states that you or your company are registered for tax in your country. These documents must be in original form as the Tax Authorities will not accept photocopies or faxed copies of this Certificate.

See our Certificates page for more information.




When and how will I be paid?


After the claim is submitted, the Tax Authorities take approximately 6 months to process your claim. Once a repayment is issued to us by the Tax Authorities we issue your refund within 10 working days. Our repayment team will contact you to discuss how you would like to receive this payment. We refund by Telegraphic Transfer (TT), SWIFT or by GBP cheque.




What will it cost?


Morgan Bentley VAT reclaim offers all consultation and comprehensive advice FREE of charge and you have nothing to pay in advance for our services. Unlike most other VAT reclaim companies, we have no minimum charges.

Claims under GBP500.00

Claims GBP500.00 – 5000.00

Claims in excess of GBP5000.00

20% of the value of the claim

15% of the value of the claim

10% of the value of the claim


Special promotional discounts available from time to time.